We are dedicated to keeping our customers safe and secure. We’ve helped many customers feel safer in their homes and businesses. Let us help you, too!

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What Our Customers Say

Rey gave us a great deal not only that, great service as well. Very helpful. I would 100% recommend them to family members and other businesses, to anybody really looking to set up a security system I’d send them over their way. Our home and business are now hooked up with a great security system giving us a peace of mind and at a great price! Thank you Rey.
– Sahara Angeles
So someone tried breaking into my business the other day I had an alarm system that was installed a long time ago and it didn’t work when I needed it most. I found HM security online gave them a call they came over the following day gave me a great deal for both my home and my business, now I’m protected and feel a lot safer. Highly recommend them.
– Kandyshop Bikinis
Rey and his team helped us tremendously. We own a small tire shop, and, on December 27th, 5 thieves broke into our shop and took everything from computers to Philips screw driver. That's when we reached out to HM Security because they were a lot cheaper than the ADT Corporate.  I would recommend this dealer to my friends and family. Thanks!
– JC Tires